January 1, 2013

One World, One Beat

Last last or was it last year? We joined the countdown in Eastwood and it was totes fun and I got all gay when Without You by Usher and David Guetta played during the fireworks display. This year or last year hehe we went to Makati for the One World, One Beat countdown thing. 

The streets were closed up and a sea of bodies awaited us in Makati hihi. There were super duper plenty foreigners and I thought that if I were Makati or the person behind the whole One World, One Beat theme, I'd be proud to see that the whole one world thing was achieved.

There were people watching from that building and we could only see their silhouettes it was so cool
 The entertainment was...entertaining haha. We caught The Dawn's last 2 to 3 songs and they were really good. Then after their last song, the hosts came onstage and they played this ping pong game thingy wherein the winner got the opportunity to win 1 million pesos.

To win a million pesos, the guy had to play this minesweeper-ish game wherein he had only 3 lives to spare on X's and he had to get 9 logos. He got up to 7 and on the 8th guess he lost it as well as the 9th. I really wanted him to win since it'd be so cool for him to get a million pesos on New Year's day hehe.

Hotdog came and performed and they were so energetic and so funny!!!! I liked them since they sang songs like Bongga Ka Day and Manila and the Katawan song HAHA but they also sang English songs such as Come Together and We Will Rock You hihi.

The ball dropped and there were fireworks hahaha. It went on for 15 minutes as what the advertisements said. It wasn't very spectacular but it was nice. I'm starting to get addicted to the feeling of being engulfed by a large crowd, with loud music playing and fireworks going off in the distance. As I've said before, it feels like I'm being part of humanity or something HEHE.


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