March 2, 2012

The Floating Bookstore

FRIDAY! Fun fun fun fun day. When my parents picked me up from school, they decided to go straight to the Floating Bookstore.

My dad!

My outfit for the day! Hahaha I feel like a Japanese school girl
On the life boat, where you get to watch an introductory vid about the ship!
While waiting in line. The girl at the cash register was so nice!! Ughh she's like a super hip grandmum hehe love her!
 Through the cash registers, the International Cafe can be found as well as the Life X-Perience maze thingy. We didn't stay at the cafe anymore since the line was long and I wasn't really that much hungry. The Life X-Perience thing was sort of an interactive maze, the pictures on the wall could talk hehe or you could just ask the volunteers to give you a tour.

Post It Wall hehe

I really want to be a volunteer someday. Janet, the adorable speaker on the lifeboat from Hong Kong told us that a person has to be at least 18 to join the crew. Oh well, 2 more years!!! The inside of the ship is plain homey. The lighting is so warm and light that it felt like I was in another country or perhaps in a movie heehee.

The super cozy interior wee
The taray floor
Me with a crew member!! Hehe
 They operate in units there. Meaning, they have their own conversions like 100 units = 100 pesos. The books are surprisingly cheap! They have an impressive collection of the classics, but not so much of the current books. They have lots of children's books and spiritual ones too.

Only for 200 units!

150 units each! I read the first 2 stories of the one on the right last night, they're far out but still cute!

If you like to read or heart starts beating faster when you're inside a bookstore just like me, you should definitely check out the floating bookstore while it lasts. They're here til the 13th I think, at the South Harbor near the Manila Ocean Park!


  1. thanks for making me regret not going gab :( haha, your description of the bookstore is so far from the sweaty experience i had when i last visited, haha!

  2. Patrick JunioApril 26, 2012

    haha we went there too. pero nasa subic yung boat nung naka punta kami. kilala ko yung crew member na ka-pic mo. siya yung parang nag intro about the boat :)) more people in subic though :))


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