March 9, 2012

Pamie Creyes

Last Sunday, March 4, Cheesecake had a date! We celebrated Chloe's birthday a day before haha. We went to her house and filled our bellies with the scrumptious carnivorous feast of steaks, ribs and a whole lot more. A mini photoshoot was held outside their home with the 3 of us trying to look one with nature heehee. I almost wasn't allowed to go watch La Traviata with them! It took a lot of pleading and panick-y reasoning on my part since the entire household was getting ready to go.

Since it was an opera and a formal event of some sort, we had to look decent and my floral jumper get up and Nath's shorts just won't cut it! We had an impromptu make over courtesy of the Reyes family' wardrobe. Nath wore Chloe's white pants and her brother's blazer while I wore her mum's dress and shoes.

La Traviata was cool. If it wasn't for the guide book thing-y, I certainly would not have gotten the story since it was in Italian! It was an Italian play, with Korean actors (who totally were magnificent), set in Paris and performed/stage here in the Philippines weee. Throughout the entire play though, Chloe and I had our eyes on the Baron since he looked so much like the guy from the super duper jawdroppingly ethnic-y and eerie song, Gabaq - An which the UST Singers sang at the Llangollen Eisteddfod last 2010, whichhhh they won and gave them the title Choir of the World! It turns out, it was him!! After the show, when all the actors were in the lobby, mingling and having their pictures taken, we approached him yay!!!!!

Family picture? HAHA


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