March 24, 2012

A Choral Encounter

Last March 16, the Manila Science High School Chorale had the mind-blowing opportunity to perform alongside amazing choirs such as the The Phillipine Women's University Festival Chorus, Novo Concertante Manila, UP Concert Chorus and the world-renowned Philippine Madrigal Singers. It was held at the Abelardo Hall Auditorium in UP Diliman.

Before the actual event, we attended a Voice Masterclass by Dr. Ramon Acoymo. He was unbelievably funny and knows a ton of stuff about physics! I thought we were just there for the sound check so I sat in the front, when surprise surprise, the emcee told us that we were to have the said masterclass. My palms got clammy since I'm not a fan of sitting in the front during seminars because of the high percentage of being asked to be a volunteer haha. To my relief, none of that sort happened to me!

We had our Conducting Masterclass right after. It was led by Professor Eudenice Palaruan, a former member of the Philippine Madz! His aura was so chill and the entire class could be summed up by the word zen. He talked about different ethnic instruments and ancient methods of conducting. He then made us try singing a bunch of communal songs, one was even written by him! No words can come close to describing the feeling of being a part of something so ancient and simply wonderful.

Being the first act, we had to rush rush rush! Plus, the fact that we were dismissed late because of the workshops, and the overdue sound checking didn't help much either. So while backstage, we were all nervous with our sleepy voices and tangled nerves.

The Grand Chorale! While singing Tagumpay Nating Lahat

With a few members of Madz! This was taken after the concert. Apparently, they were to shoot a music video pa woo 

The Tenors :)
Some of our fellow Mascians who came to see the concert. Go MSHSC '13!
I was seriously touched by the Mascians who came to see us perform! It made me feel like they had our back haha. 

Yay Madz!

Here's a picture with Ms.Bianca Lopez! 
The ever supportive MSHSC Alumni with our conductor Mr. Abella.We seriously would be nothing without their help!
The Manila Science High School Chorale 2012!
A Choral Encounter was our last official performance as the MSHSC batch 2012. I remember the time when we were all new to each other. The times when only Kuya Erwin or Kuya Thomas would be the only ones who would crack jokes because the others would still be too shy to do so. The ghosts that could be felt whenever we would practice til 7pm in the so called haunted music room. I even occasionally miss my Alto days!  How time flies! Even though I'm dreading the last day of our togetherness, I am on the bright side looking forward to getting to know the new members. I hope we can add good memories to the ones that I have of the choir now :)

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