March 9, 2012

Black Market

We didn't have classes yesterday since the Seniors had their National Achievement Test. So Bria, Clarisse, Chloe, Darlene, Jared, Jess, Nath, and Ronald came over so we could work on our research proposals. Coincidentally, today is also Ate Ann, our lovely maid's birthday!!

l-r. Jared, Clarisse, Darlene, Chloe, Ronald, Jess, and Nath 

A buttload of brainstorming occurred because we were pumped and feeling all scientific and research-y the first few hours. But then we had lunch and Bria arrived. After eating, we were all full and sort of feeling lethargic so we just hung out and gurrrrrrl!! Hahaha we had fun with the wall in our living room; we'd take turns having our photos taken while some would work. Or do nothing hehe.

This sort of resembles a pre-nup picture hehehe

This looks like a screencap hehe

Yay Chloe for finishing the book
Obligatory Cheesecake Picture!
Cheesecake Totemmmmm
We dawdled a bit inside my sister's room, wherein our hat wearing urges (in which we lack) were satisfied!

By my sister's lamp

When that was finished, Chloe and I went to my room to try and make a cover even if my voice was all husky and...not there. We were totally lost without our beast of a pianist, Lanselle, leading the way to musical success. We just made a bunch of humiliating mini videos hahaha.

Pasta served as our merienda. We were eating, sitting around the coffee table when Ronald or otherwise known as Rada, stood up and went to the kitchen. He came back moments later with a plateful of rice and adobo! Hahaha it turns out he isn't a big fan of pasta hehe so cute.

After eating, we brainstormed some more and ended up watching Bogart The Explorer's videos on youtube. We were laughing so hard and Chloe decided to copy him and dubbed Rada as the Filipinow Rudah (Filipino Rada). I even acted as her cameraman on her quest to look for the Filipinow Rudah in the Mesina Tribe Jungle hahahaha what is auti. I'll probably put that video up sometime after exam week hehe.

Their Group
Our Group
Our Huge Group!

The Birthday Girl!
I had so much fun today! Part of what made it fun is that we're all oh so different from one another. Like way different, bordering total opposites. But still, we laughed a lot and ate a lot and gushed over Jared's arms a lot hehe. We'll be seeing a lot of each other this summer!!!

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