March 2, 2012

Perry The Dog

Our family has a dog. We got him last January 23, 2012 from my cousin cos their house was teeming with the canine luvin. Anyway, our dog's name is Perry. Perry is a boy. He likes to whimper like a girl, meow like a cat and bite everything that he sees.  

I just wanted to write about Perry because it's been 2 weeks since I last played with him. You see, he bit me last last week, and so I have been restricted from cuddling my meowing dog.

Perry's shoot for FDM (For Dog's Magazine)
Perry with my mum; his #1 caregiver
This is how Perry hears us 
Permanently wet nose of his
Perry's indie film movie poster!!!!!

Me and Perry's neck!
Obligatory Owner-Pet Picture 
I'm planning on buying a Royal Dandie/Pot-Bellied Pig this summer or whenever I get the money to buy one hehe. Hopefully Perry and Mr. Swine can get along!!

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  1. Patrick JunioApril 26, 2012

    Cute dog! We have one too. Kahawig nga dog niyo ng konti, pero mas-cute yung amin :p :))


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