January 5, 2013

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For our project in Spanish class, we were tasked to film a music video for a Spanish love song. Sexy Lady came to my mind but then I deemed it too dirty hehe but we didn't know it'd be hard to look for a purely Spanish song that we were quite familiar with. We almost settled with La Cucaracha since apparently a verse of it is about love. Thankfully, after browsing through different youtube videos, we came across Maria by Ricky Martin! It is purely Spanish AND it's very catchy!! So after we had lunch, we headed outside to shoot our video.

It was so hot out but it was very very very fun. We took lots of photos in every place we shot at. The video hasn't been edited yet so I haven't got anything to show you guys but here are some of our tourist shots HAHA!

NonaG and Erik

Fierce daw e

@ the ruins hahaha

Nona being Nona

@ the basketball court haha

@ the playground hehe

The birds, (are they turkeys?) who came out of nowhere and surprised us HAHA

Shooting today went really well hehe. If only projects could always be this fun..........

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