January 26, 2013


Last Friday Night......................is a song by Katy Perry heheheheeeeeeheeehheeheh joke. Last January 25th, which was a Friday, we had the Golden Ball, a party tribute countdown thingy for Masci's 50th birthday this coming October. My dreams of wearing a gown that looked like this were squashed because of the theme huhu. Nonetheless, I still liked my gown even though it made me feel very..oriental.

mi gown by Maureen Clemente hehe
The interior was really really nice and Sir Bonifacio's skills were once again praised because of the amazingly styrofoam thingies that he made for the event which were plastered onstage.

Bea and Nath being sweet as sweet things

Us Watergirls had plans of doing what we do best, which is to try and be feminists hemhemhem but alas we succumbed to the intoxicating influences of our pubertial minds and became super mega ultra uber girls!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Callado doing his Callado thing

Pretty pretty gurlz!

Birhday girl hihi

This photo reminds me of Mt. Rushmore huhu 

CHURRO GURLZ HEHE looking like the flag of France or something 


The lovely lovely emcees hehe love you guys

Hands down the best academic group I've ever been a part of mwahugz to you guys

Calvin with Michael V

Hi Pam!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We aren't that close but I bet we would've been auti together. Churros deliciosos!

Gold was perfect in its imperfections. It not only made my love for my batch grow 490750947 times but I also now have a deeper appreciation for Batch 2013. It made me love my friends to the highest level conceivable and it gave us the chance to have our dream formal party like the ones we see in movies. Not to sound like I've won an Emmy or something but I just wanted to say thank you to my family, their support was really something and it made me feel super duper loved, to Cheesecake, 1-7, Watergirls, SS Group and Calvin for being super fun and auti and adorable and to the people I danced with for making me feel gay as can be and the alumni and the parents for making it all possible hehe. Gold was splendid. Gold was amazing. Gold was memorable. Gold was Gold. Yay here's to Masci's Golden year!!!!

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  1. Oo nga we look like Mount rushmore hahahahaha can't stop laughing hahahahahaha


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