October 4, 2012

Exhibition @ the Bordner

Last 49th Foundation Day, the Young Artists' Guild of Manila Science High School had its first ever exhibit entitled Exhibition @ the Bordner. Works from the members were featured and right in the middle of the room, Kuya Mikes' beastly set of miniature buildings were on display.

Our adviser's work hehe

Calvin boys and their surprise hehe 

Lawrence and Matthew wreaking havoc inside huhu

Kurt, me, Erik

Kuya Mikes!

Robyn and the Candied Skull print!

Lookin' so sweaty while tryna sell the leftover stickers hehe

Best customer aka Chriztina

Future YAG girls please

I cannot express my gratitude enough. Seriously, we are over the moon with how the exhibit turned out. Thank you to everyone who dropped by and those who bought our baked goods and the other stuff for sale hehe. Thank you as well to those who planned on going but were not able to because of some reason or something HAHA. I hope next year's exhibit would be a million times bongga-er hehehehe!  


    you should sell them sa canteen :bd

    1. thank you so much!!! thanks for dropping by too hehe i really appreciated it :)


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