October 20, 2012

Whoopi Goldberg Machine

After my bout with chicken pox, I went back to school and chased after my missed tests and had my finals as well. Now that week's done and our semestral break is not just a sweet motivation but a reality, I feel like I'm finally in touch again with the world hehe. Before we finally said good bye to all the stress (temporarily), we worked on our Physics project at mi casa. 

Our project was to make a Rube Goldberg machine which is a deliberately overdone machine with lots of thangs to perform a very simple task. The very simple task that we were asked to accomplish was to water a teeny tiny plant.

Anyhoo, so most of our group went to my house and after figuring out our sketch, we headed to Pergola which is some sort of Goldberg Mecca since it has quite almost everything! It had a supplies store, a handy man store, an outlet of toys store and...halloween costumes. I had a hard time saying goodbye to the glorious racks of costumes huhu. We went back to my house, had lunch and started working on the project whoopi.

Lawrence with Chinee's mill

I accidentally stabbed my leg with the scissors huhu


Nona being gay

Nona being sexy

Me and Nona being.........us

Amiel eating..........

l-r. clockwise: Chinee, Lawrence, Matthew and Amiel

Me being me
 After a lot of phone calls and a lot of begging (?), we pushed and worked til night time. The people from far off places like Chinee, Matthew and Lawrence, left at around 9 or so since they had a long way to go. The people from the south as well on the other hand, like Amiel and Nhoel stayed til around 12 or 1am.

Had to turn on the ~taray lights

I was getting dengue-d and malaria-d since I was sitting with half of my body outside the house to capture everything huhu

We had like 20 tries with the machine and we were just so tired and so dirty and stuff. The machine was getting quite soggy and I had visions of everything just getting too watered down to work huhu. We had a ton of close calls and those were the most painful. Amiel and Nhoel finally had to go home and so us girls were left, Nona, me and our 2 maids Ate Joy and Ate Ann. We decided to just give it a go and try it one last time and so after replenishing the machine, we used a stick to make it start and.......................IT WORKED RFUEIHDKJDFHB SWEET JEEBUS IT FINALLY WORKED HUHU SO HEPPEH WE ALL WENT GAY AND TEARY AND HAD A GROUP HUG AND WAHHH. 

I don't know if it's too early to say this but, this has got to be the coolest project ever hehe. It also helped that our group was the coolest too hehe. So happy, it's really a nice way to start our sembreak woot.

Nona and I doing our happy dance woooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo

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  1. nyahaha! congrats! naalala ko last year me ganyan din kami e... :P


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