October 24, 2012

Churro Gurlz

For our group in our English class, we were asked to group ourselves on the first week of classes and we were told that it'd be permanent, we were also asked to pick a name for our group. This was the birth of the Mexican Churros. Fast forward to a couple of weeks or so, the 'churro girls' was formed. Last night, Jazz and Twinkle came over to my house so we could hang out and pig out hehe. 

Jazz, Twinkle, me
 Jazz has always dreamed of cooking a meal together so we made her dream come true and whipped up a batch of mean baked mac late in the evening + a batch of red velvet cupcakes hehe.

Don't mess with Twinkle

Jazz with her onions HAHA

We took this photo just to see if it was already brown or not HAHAHEHEHOHO


The baked mac was just........................heavenly!!! Huhuhu it tasted so good and the mushroom soup could seriously be tasted and it was just a party in our tummy tums. We finished the entire rectangle pyrex thingy hehe and after a while, we watched Cannibal Holocaust..

Cannibal Holocaust was disturbing. Seriously, don't watch it unless you want to feel like you wanna scrub your brain clean or you want to go to hell for watching such an evil movie huhu. I might be exaggerating but that movie was really sick. It had real dying animals everywhere and lots of rape and violence. After watching it, Twinkle and I had to fill our minds with happy thoughts. Thank you youtube for providing the happy thoughts hihi. Twinkle and I talked for a while and had fun with a sleep-talking Jazz and talked again and laughed and talked and we finally slept woo.

I really had a blast last night. Even though, it is by far the most rushed sleepover I've ever had, it's still one for the books hehe.


  1. You all cook/bake well............... love, a fan of you here

    1. hi maiah bird!! thank you maiah hihihhehehe

  2. si maiah...


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