March 25, 2013

Narwhals Narwhals

This is not how I look like right now because as I speak (type) my left jaw is swollen and my eyes are just starting to lose their puffiness hehe. I had my surgery last Saturday and I took the wrong painkillers hence the puffy eyes and as for the swollen jaw, it is because of the operation hihi 
Anyhoo, I would like to share with you guys my latest revelations. I swear I have them all the time. Some of these are from a month ago and some are from like 10 minutes ago hehe. Also, besides my revelations and epiphanies, here are some of my thoughts.

1. Yakisoba cups have drain holes. They make life easier and I had the pleasure of discovering them just recently like this school year hehehe.
2. Strawberry has got to be the best flavor in the world. Everything should have the option to be strawberry flavored. But even though I love strawberry donuts, strawberry ice cream and other strawberry stuff, I cannot for the life of me enjoy the actual fruit.
3. I can feel something dripping down the side of my throat. It may be blood because I have been talking all night and I may have been upsetting my stitches or it might be saliva. Lettuce hope for the latter.
4. I'm starting to really like shoes right now.
5. I love people. It feels like I am in a certain funk wherein I'm overflowing with care and love for everyone and I cannot and will not and should not stop my true colors from seeping out of every crevice in my body and just spread out to every single one of you.
6. I just had to use the word crevice.
7. I have so much plans and itty bitty projects in mind for this summer and I hope I can do them all.
8. I love India so much. I don't really know where this lovin' came from but I seriously cannot stop it. I am in love with the people, the culture, the religion, the history, the food, the festivals! Someone should stuff me inside a box and ship me to India.
9. People should enjoy this summer break hehe. People should unwind. People should forget their problems for a while and enjoy life. Enjoy the intense heat, even! Kasi, imagine you're in the middle of your living room and you're sweating like there is no more tomorrow, instead of whining about it (I am guilty of this hehe), why not stick your tongue out at the humidity and work out? You not only benefit from it because you become fitter, but you're making do with what you're being dealt with hehe. This is as deep and philosophical as I can get hehe.

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