March 2, 2013


Last Friday, we had our activity in Art wherein we had to perform our rendition of Cats the musical. We were only given 15 minutes for our presentation and boy was it hard trying to squeeze in the good scenes of a 2 hour long play in a quarter of an hour. Since we were bombarded with an outrageous amount of deadlines and requirements, the fact that we weren't allowed to practice on weekends and outside school made it quite a challenge.

My favorite part would have to be looking for the costumes. At first, it really made my head hurt just thinking of the expenses if we were to buy  leotards and fake fur and paint for the main cast but alas my thrifty side reared its head and whispered one word that answered all of our problems.....'ukay'. We spent time looking for perfect fur coats and vests that would really suit each and one of the 15 cats hihi.

The day of our performance came and before everything else, we had to face out final exams in Trigonometry, Technical Writing, Physics and Advanced Bio. It was a pain in the heiny but at least it's our last for this school year hehe.

Jazz and Selvin so cute huhu

After the tests, Matthew and I attended a meeting and since time flew by so quickly, we had to hurry and catch Calvin's last rehearsal in the venue. Once we got there, the last scene was playing out and after that, we went and changed into our costumes and prepped for the performance.

Old Deutoronomy Russ

Jemima and Grizabella hehehehehe keepin it reaaaaal

Rum Tum Tugger Gerald doing push ups so he could be macho for his role hahahaah

Victoria Nona 

Mr. Mistoffelees Callado

Our costumes not only had us feeling like Korean superstars and socialites but they also had us sweating like pigs in a slaughter house!!!!!!! We were sweating so much it felt like we were drowning..or taking a shower wooo.

Darwin's Grizabella, Chloe weee!
At exactly 1pm, we were ushered inside and we had time to enjoy the aircon woo.

Grumpy Mr. Grumpypants

Best director ever Twinkle twinkle little star weeeeee
First one up was Ptolemy. They boggled all of us with the number of actors and actresses they had since the Little theatre was not named that way for its huge space hehe but nonetheless it was pretty evident that they work well together and are very cooperative since it IS difficult to work with such a huge number hehe.

We were second and we had so much fun huhu. It was so funny too since while we were onstage and stuff, I couldn't help but pretend to be crying while (hopefully) discreetly wiping my perspiration. My favorite part would have to be Jazz's solo because she's never failed to make me feel kilig whenever she'd sing Memory and she was so worried the night before because her voice was getting wonky and she did so well just made it such a nice moment hihi.

Maqui and his tight costume hehhehe

And last to perform was Darwin. I really liked their background. It was so simple yet it served its purpose well. Their Rum Tum Tugger was very hilarious and very adorable, Munkastrap was mataray, Old Deuteronomy was funny hehe and their Macavity was so good it gave me the creeps. Chloe did a really swell job too and must I say she has GOT to be the sexiest Grizabella ever kainis HAHAHA. 

Jane and her bongga pose

We won first place!!! But really, we're all winners and I don't mean that in a cheesy way since none of us got disqualified and all hehe. All in all it was such a pleasant experience. It made me love performing even more hihi. I really do wish we get to have more events like this in the future since we really enjoyed it and everybody loves a good sing-along hihi. 

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