March 9, 2013


I've tried to have my outfit shots taken but I really am the most awkward creature when it comes to those kinds of things so instead of a photo, here's a video of what I wore because I liked it a lot. It made me feel like an undercover Lara Croft/rOcKeR cHiCk/cat hehehehehehehe. Last night, after a very lovely day spent with Cheesecake, we went to Cavite for Ate Nina's despedida. Ate Nina is one of the greatest people in the world. I cannot begin how to describe how warm and loving and sweet she is without sounding overtly gay and without becoming very sad.

We went to their house in Cavite and had yummy yummy dinner and after my sister gave her going away gifts, we decided that we were bored and headed out to the District mall....for another round of dinner.

We ate and I checked out the Toys R Us there and ate and had fun and laughed and walked around and ate and ate. 

With the very animated Feliz
We'll definitely miss you, Ate Nina. We love you so much and I hope you don't get very sad in Dubai. I hope you feel empowered by our love and support huhu we'll miss you so much pero I know you're a strong girl and you can take this and for sure you'll handle this with grace :D I love you mwah good luck!!!!!!!!!!!

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