March 9, 2013

20 Questions ni Juan Ekis

For our last hurrah in Filipino we were asked to participate in the Filipino Film Festival in school. We were to choose a piece of literature be it a poem or a story or a novel in Tagalog or English and make a film adaptation of it. We chose 20 Questions by Juan Ekis, a Palanca award-winning screenplay that I fell in like with after Chloe made me read it some time last year.

The films will be shown in school next week and I hope ours gets the green light from the department regardless of the themes in it hehe. Since I suck at summarizing without giving away too much, I have the 2 teaser trailers that we have to entice you and excite you guys and encourage you to watch our film on the 14th of March! 

Please watch '20 Questions' and the other films that us students slaved over for hehehe.

Here's a video we made while making the movie hehe. Maqui and the girls slept over and it was so fun and so noisy and Maqui is so nice huhu. We stayed up late learning how to dance, looking up Filipino surnames, watching the gory parts of Saw, watching chick flicks and laughing huhu. I'm glad projects can make us bond and make memories huhuuhuhuhu.

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