April 4, 2013

Rainbow Teef

I went to the teeth doctor last Tuesday and had my stitches taken out (a big whoopie for that!) and since then I've gotten the green light from her that I can already work out (another big whoopie) and now I just came back from yet another appointment this time I fiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiinally had my rubber thingies changed and everything inside my mouth adjusted!

I waited quite a bit and I was already inside the room when I got sent back to the lobby since due to her estimations, her current patient would take some more time and so while watching tv, I had the liberty of picking out my next rubber thingies. I got so overwhelmed by all the pretty colors hehe there was even an iridescent one *heart* but then I thought to myself, why not have them all HEHE so I picked out the colors of the rainbow from the pile of rubber thingies hihihi.

Rainbow teeth so grrroovy rainbow teeth so funkkky rainbow teeth so sasssy!!!

Hehe what is sugapa
 I was mucho bored while waiting and I was fiddling with my phone and I was sabaw and so this happened:

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