April 16, 2013

My Answer To 'What's Up?' #1..2..3..4


Something has been, I hate to use this word because it sounds wild and feral than what I really want to express but, yes something has been unleashed from within me only this summer. I'm constantly craving for any form of adventure be it exploring Manila to checking out dilapidated malls. Anyhoo, my sister and I have been frequenting the nearby ukay spots in Southland since last summer and my love for thrifting has been rekindled since I have nothing better to do at home hehe and so I can be found earlier frolicking along the expanse of the Alabang Zapote Road donning a backpack waiting to be filled with my latest haul and a thirst for ransacking racks of (a. glorious b. magnificent c. rad d. mysterious) clothes.

Yesterday, all my troubles seemed so far away~ hehe jas kedeng. I had the honor of finally setting foot in not 1, not 2 but three Indian groceries all in one afternoon! Located near the Khalsa Diwan Temple in UN is the strip featuring the Indian stores that I shall now be dubbing as India Land. I have been on a quest to look for a place here in the Philippines that retails bindis after googling for online stores and finding that only people from the US and far off places are selling bindis on ebay. So yes, I got to the stores, they asked me what I was looking for and after pointing to my forehead and managing to only get out 'bind-' I was whisked off to one side wherein a box FULL of bindis lay ahead, waiting to be raped by my very eager and shaking (with utmost excitement) hands.

I just wanted to include this since my hands smell like Xonrox (bleach; I don't know if only Xonrox has this distinct smell or if all brands of bleach have the same smell hehe) right now and it's bugging me a bit. I finally put my favorite pair of shorts to rest and submerged it in a bucket of water and bleach so I can have white shorts HEHE. I did this earlier right after lunch since I reallyyyyy was bored and yearned to be productive. I checked on this after dinner and since the sink wherein the bucket was located was outside my room (by the window) it was quite a struggle cos I had to go out of the house and walk in the semi-dark. It was okay tho but the thing that was not okay was while checking on the bucket, something moved nearby like on the counter...it started making tiny noises and it looked like a cross between a naked turtle and a sisiw from a balut.  

I screamed for my sister and she got the camera and took pictures from her place inside her room. After zooming zooming zooming, we solidified our guesses and agreed that it was indeed a kind of bird! I hastily patted my hands on my shorts and got the camera so I could take a ton of close up photos hehe it was also a way for me to get a clearer view since it was so dark I could only make out its shape. My sister called my mum and showed her the pictures and my mum called ate Joy and theeeeeeen ate Joy explained that there is a nest up on our roof and that the Momma Bird is a bit clumsy and she keeps on dropping her poor defenseless bebes.

Ate Joy as seen below had the balls to touch the baby bird hehe and place it on a rug for the Momma to come pick her up. If the Momma doesn't come back for her..hehe we'll have ourselves a new pet hehehe. I swear if she becomes my pet bird, I'll call her Birdy so I can tweet 'hehe hanging out with Birdy' or Mascara Arms because her arms look like dem Mascara brushes.


Bungangera agad


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