July 28, 2012

Hi, My Name is Gab

It was quite a lovely day earlier and I stayed holed up in my room trying to learn about Baroque architecture, Minoan civilization and other stuff for our upcoming exams this week. After a couple of unsuccessful attempts of making my window's screen invisible with my mind, I finally got up, went outside and took pictures. I took a lot of pictures of the birds outside and the plants too. I feel very......earthy.

the very girly things outside my window

the last time i took a picture of our battered washing machine was with my film cam, now that i took it with a digital one it looks very sad and very lonely as opposed to the very vintage and ~cool~ vibe that it gave off when i used my film cam

perry's face when i told him bella cheated on edward

if i were to become a motivational poster designer id put a text saying 'fly high!' HAHAHAHA

im a cliche

a quick doodle i made of pentatonix. i still havent gotten around posting an entry about my love for them simply because i still cant think of how to organize my thoughts. if i were to try writing about them now, it would be a series of exclamation points, omg's and a ton of 'ahhhhhhhhhhhh's

i was tryna draw a person but then it went badly so i turned it into a cat thingy

my project to do list from hell

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  1. these photos are amazing! I especially like the second one


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