July 19, 2012

Ron English + Gab Tagalog

I fell in love again with Ron English's works last night while I was looking for something to put up in our bulletin board. I first saw his work when I bought myself Chris Brown's F.A.M.E album and got mesmerized by the richness and fullness and creaminess and over all niceness of the painting. His works are so witty and so vibrant that I can't help but wish that they'd be covers for Goosebumps. I had a few printed as well as some of my paintings and they're making me giddy just by looking at them!

Just a little update if you guys are interested hehe, school has been...........tiring. I really can't distinguish right now WHAT exactly has been causing my lack of sleep lately but all I know is that it's making me feel like such a hollow person or like a shell. And I mean that in a totally non-emo way. I just feel very light but not the good kind hmmmmm.. On the bright side, the abundance of absent teachers and vacant periods have been filled with childish games that have left us all wheezing for breath and very very very sweaty.

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