July 22, 2012


cartimar cutie
1. i really like art
2. there are some songs that can seriously bring me to tears and make me feel like the world is such a pure pure place
3. reading about the 7 arts (architecture, painting, sculpting, theatre, music, dance, literature) turns me into a giddy mess
4. i look like im micro-nodding when i sing
5. im dying to host a tea party
6. i used to dream of becoming a news caster since i always thought being one would give me just the right amount of fame i needed and wanted while still doing what i enjoyed
7. i find foreigners verrrrry fascinating
8. i __ zombies. there are no words to describe how much i love anything related to them
9. i like that feeling i get whenever id see a journal or diary at a bookstore, open it and see that the pages inside arent ruled its like God is saying 'hey heres a pretty notebook for you'
10. i wanna go hiking
11. i like to look at fancy schmancy paint sets
12. dyingggggg to explore manila 

1 comment:

  1. A news caster nice!!! aand yes tea parties are soo good!!


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