July 21, 2013


I am an avid youtuber. Browsing through videos always makes entertains me and sometimes I come across gems that make me forever thankful that I spend time mindlessly going through a ton of videos online. This particular treasure that I discovered is a video by Rudimental. I was on a music spree at that time and since I had nothing better to do, I clicked on this one. No one told me how much I'd fall in love with it. 

This is the first video of Rudimental's that I have ever watched and from the get-go the rawness of their emotions left me breathless and feeling like a light has been lit deep inside me (that's what she said) (joke) (huhu). If I were to let you guys peek inside my mind while I watched that video it would just be a loop of 'shet shet shet shet huhu shet huhu huhu dont cry huhu shet' hehe.

This is the second video of theirs that I watched. After being awed by Waiting All Night, I tucked the video in a corner of my heart and went on with my life but fate decided to interfere and distract me from my studies because it led me to finding this one. The cinematography is just DIVINE! Everything looks so rich and creamy and the actor who plays the monk guy is so good :(

The third one hits a particular note since Filipinos star in it and it's set here in Manila hehe. Anyhhhway this once evoked such emotions from me, it's crazy. They're just crazy good. I love how they don't just focus on the music they produce or remix or whatever, but they incorporate it with such mind-blowingly beautiful visuals that gives the person watching their products not just a beautiful auditory experience but a visual one as well. 

Dear Rudimental people, you make me believe that there really is beauty in everything -especially in tragedies. Thank you for making such awe-inspiring videos, please do make more mwah.  

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