July 12, 2013


Watergirls with the Mother of Charaughtsity. Happy happy happy birthday Madame Abby!!! :)

The place where it all started.......
I have started a few entries already with the same sentiment...but let me say it again hehe I have been such an absent blogger lately and I feel a bit bad huhu. I half-heartedly stopped blogging during the middle of summer since my teenager-ness kicked in full blast and it left me wanting to be a private person HAHA. But lately, I've been feeling the itch to blog again what with all the happenings all around and what better way to start blogging again (I think) than to make a post about Watergirls!!

Hihi hihi hihi
Oops nasobrahan sa brightness ahehe

Today marks our anniversary as...girls....who share.....common interests hehe. I just wanna go gay and express my love for these girls in this post. We survived the deadliest year of our high school life together, the year that I anticipated that would be the dullest and very academic became so fun and pubertial and so girly all thanks to you guys hihi. All our ranting and venting and squealing will forever be stored in a special place in my heart huhuhu.

Watergirls ft. Angeline 

Because a little birdy got me started on Sex and the City which is actually quite nice huhu, I hope we can be like them (in some ways). I hope us girls can go and be ourselves out there in the big city or something. I hope we can be very successful in our own fields. I hope we can meet up for lunch in a swanky place someday and we'd all be wearing pencil skirts and we'd exude so much power and sophistication hihihi.

I love you guys oh so mucho! May Alexi Wasser forever be our mentor in life. FMEN!

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