June 1, 2011

On Books

My favorite place would be any bookstore or library. Even a room filled with books would do. I will see stacks of books that will draw and hold my attention; my fingers skimming the spines, almost as if I was reading with my fingertips. I will hear nothing but the aircon's unwavering yet soothing hum, other readers breathing and the softest sound of a person turning a page once in a while. I won't taste anything but I will feel comfortable just sitting there or occasionally strolling through the shelves that seem to go on forever in my own version of sanctuary. Lastly, I will catch a whiff of the worn out and yellowed pages from books that have been there for quite some time, just symbolizing that books are simply timeless. 


  1. Hello! I stumbled upon your blog and I love it! :) I'm managing this online book club called booklat (at) tumblr (dot) com, and I thought you might be interested in joining us there. We have daily themes, and today's This-Is-A-Great-Place-For-Reading Thursday. Thanks in advance, and hope to see you there! :)


  2. what a cool theme!!! it sounds rad, ill surely check it out :)


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