June 10, 2011


I used to buy all those fashion magazines in hopes of becoming a fashionista ha ha ha. I tend to just flip over to the editorials and look at the pretty pretty pictures. It was sort of my mission back then to go hunting for back issues of Vogue at the local magazine shop. And every time I'd see one that costs 200 bucks, I'd wet my pants. But I wouldn't buy them because they're still so expensive, so when I finally got hold of an Italian Vogue magazine, I think I died. Then, I'd forget that I bought Italian Vogue while ripping off the plastic and be depressed that I can't understand a single word. Google translate just wouldn't cut it.

I have a very tiny collection of Preview Magazine and a bunch of Ok! Magazine, Seventeen, Rolling Stone and Good Housekeeping scattered all over my room. I read magazines, yes, but I prefer cutting the pictures out from them haha. So, lately, every time I go to Book Sale, I check out the magazine section in hopes of finding a cheap and interesting magazine that I wouldn't dare cut up.

Well, today's my lucky day because I finally found it! A magazine to die for!

Seriously. It's the best! It has zombies, monsters, horror movies, video games and a whole bunch of awesome stuff in it!! Oh gerd, a whole article about The Walking Dead. It's like Christmas came 6 months early.


And when I thought it couldn't possibly get any better, I see an ad for Metroid: Other M!

Not only do they bombard you with stuff about TV shows, they throw in a bunch of DVD, movie, book and video game reviews! It also says here (I bought a November 2010 issue), that the next issue's about Harry Potter and Misfits! Dear Looooooooooord. Aren't they just the best?


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