June 23, 2011

Thor's Day

I got transferred to the drafting class I was talking about! Anyway, I didn't mean to do it but this drawing ended up looking like a Hunger Games fanart for Katniss/Gale haha. 

Yesterday was such a mess! Classes got suspended at around 3 and after a while, we found out choir practice was still on. At around 5pm, my dad finally picked me up from school and told me we'd have to let the rain subside before we try to pick up my mum in Makati. He brought some slippers and this bubble wrap thingy for my huge sketchpad for drafting which we stuck underneath his shirt and jacket to keep it dry haha. 

After crossing the street to get to his office, my feet and skirt were drenched! My feet felt weird so when we got to the 4th floor where my dad's office was located, I went and washed my feet. Wee. I did some of my drafting homework, sketched a bit and read a book while sitting on the counter in the girls' bathroom. We only left the office to fetch my mum at around half-past 10 in the evening. I don't really remember what happened after we got in the car because I was so tired and sleepy, I faintly recall that I was so cranky when they woke me up when we finally got home. But I do remember that I there was someone in the bathroom and I kept telling myself that I'll just take a nap on the floor while waiting for my turn to shower. 

I never did shower. I know, it was gross. I slept on the floor to avoid getting my dirty clothes on my bed but I must have caved in during the night, got up, dressed in clean clothes and collapsed in bed.


  1. Hellooooo Gabbby! Cheryl here!! I got a new blog! :D
    Your blog is so cute! I like your drawings! :)

  2. Cherylsaurus!!! Thank you x100 haha. I shall check out yours ♥


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