June 10, 2011


Last Monday was the first day of school for me. I was obviously feeling a whirlwind of emotions since it was my first day as a Sophomore. It probably looked like I was bipolar or something since one minute, I'd be a nervous wreck and the next, I'd be as cool as a cucumber. Anyway, to calm my nerves down during my intense sweaty-palm-quick-heartbeat moments, I'd reassure myself with the thought that the teachers would not possibly give us a heavy workload on the first day. I mean, it's supposed to be all about getting to know each other, right? 

Well, I was sorely mistaken. 

The first day, we got to meet our teachers for the first time. During his/her period, our teacher would orient us and tell us all about the subject and even themselves. Then, he/she'd tell us the size and color of our notebook for the subject and any other basic requirements. It was all fine since it was the same routine from last year. What we didn't expect though, was for us to be bombarded with homework. On. The. First. Week. The workload was so heavy that I'd only finish and sleep at around midnight (except for Thursday since classes got suspended because of the heavy rainfall; yay). 

So far, we've had a report in Geometry and a quiz in Intermediate Algebra. We also had the election of homeroom officers today. I was elected as the P.I.O (Public Information Officer) of our class! Haha, it's not much but I've been told by a lot that it's practically the easiest position since we're only assigned to make announcements and such. 

Not everything's been bad though. I'm really really really happy that I get to spend time with my friends again even though we have to constantly check our schedules in order for us to find time to hang out. 

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