April 24, 2011

Anthem For American Teenagers

I have Jon McLaughlin's entire Indiana album on repeat right now and it's just the perfect music to a Sunday night. His voice is just so boyish and nice! Just listening to him makes me think of every inspiring and tear-jerking redemption scene from chick flicks and romantic comedies and that's why I think he's such an amazing musician. You should really listen to Jon if you're feeling insecure and depressed 'cause his voice would just take you, hug you tight, pat your back, kiss you on the temple and let you sleep curled next to him with your head on his chest. Talk about the epitome of feel good music!

I first found out about him while watching Disney's Enchanted. Hands down, Enchanted is my favorite Disney movie. That part during the ball, with all of them prettied up and donning those ridiculously adorable costumes? I wondered how they'd make Patrick Dempsey maintain his McDreamy-ness and thats when Jon's voice came in to the rescue. Seriously, So Close,  was just the most magical song I've heard that time.

I get the same vibe from Gavin DeGraw. I can't remember exactly when I first heard his songs but I'm sure it was mainly because of One Tree Hill. I recall hearing More Than Anyone playing during Haley and Nathan's super sweet wedding.

Both of them are just total dreamboats with their voices and to be honest, they're totally easy on the eyes too.

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