April 16, 2011

Weekend Warriors

I woke up at 4:30am for a run in Alabang with my mum and dad. It was my first time this summer vacation of waking up before noon. It was good, after the run, we ate at this small diner near the market and to be honest, I was surprised that the food was delicious. Before heading home, we made a detour at our new house to check out the development of the renovation.

Around 6:30 in the evening, we went to Resorts World to watch KAOS. We arrived at Resorts World and ate at Johnny Chow. Johnny Chow is such a cute place by the way. The waitresses wear vibrant colored wigs, short dresses, knee-high socks over black wedge booties. We also spotted Janice de Belen at Johnny Chow. 

We only scored seats on the third row and it was, for a lack of a better term, spectacular! It was so cool cos we were so close to the stage that my mum could tell whether the European dancers were wearing skin tone stockings or not haha. Cameras and camcorders weren't allowed inside so there really was no way to document the play/musical. But it reaaaally was worth the hype! 

(c) ticketworld.ph
The international cast was what made it super nice. There were the European dancers that donned the most fabulous costumes I've ever seen. My favorite was the sailboat (?)/ pirate ship costume which you can see on the lower left of the lower left picture above! There were the Chinese gymnasts, the Power Duo from Belarus, the Human Time Machine from Columbia, the Spanish and Brazilian motorcyclists in the Cycle of Life, the Manila Symphony Orchestra, the Filipino singers, the Philippine All-Stars and the lead actors -Martha Joy, Joel Trinidad, Jemuel Victorino and Gian Magdangal. I sound like such and endorser. Oh, if you want to take a picture with Sito the white tiger you gotta spend a lot of cash. 600 for a single picture with a white tiger!

I've been awake for almost 20(?) hours now and I gotta go to sleep because we'll be hearing mass in a church in Tagaytay for Palm Sunday tomorrow. Good night!

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