April 28, 2011

Run, Bart, Run

Holla to my finger
I painted Bart Simpson as the baby on the Nirvana album today. I started out using watercolor paint but it looked sucky so I used those oil paints. I died. Oil paint is such a pain, it still hasn't dried. I'm no expert so I don't know if it will. AKML. This Bart painting left smudges on my baby taco drawing :(

My day was actually pretty boring. I only painted, watched Mr. Holland's Opus -really good movie, btw- and tried a work out plan I found on tumblr.

said work out plan

I only got to the 70 leg lifts and my legs feel like jelly right now. I actually watched the last part of Mr. Holland's Opus while doing the 100 jumping jacks and it must've been a funny sight; me crying while jumping jacks-ing. I couldn't help it though; the movie was so touching. Yes, I used the word touching. I was sort of putting off the running part cos I wasn't in the mood to go out of the house. I only found out why my mum was pressuring me to jog this evening. It's cos today's Friday, Friday, gotta get down on Friday. We have a run on Saturday, bloody Saturday.

I am going to run on Saturday at Alabang HILLS FOR 5 KILOMETERS. I hope I don't pass out. Or die.

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