May 5, 2011


We went to our new house today. Yay! My sister and I arranged her shoes in her new fancy schmancy shoe closet, which if I were her, would've resulted to a ridiculous shoegasm buttttttttttttttt I'm not her. Plus, she's much more composed than I am, who has bookgasms left and right AND CENTER. While we were there I lapsed into my zen self again and I practically begged my sister for us to stay a bit longer since I wanted to enjoy the peace, quiet and the absence of modern technology. Zennnnnnn bruthas. (I ended up drawing my typewriter while my sister read in front of the exhaust fan) Anyhoo, I just want to share that I am oh so happy because

1. My sister and I have become ultra close this week HOORAY 4 THAT
2. We watched Thor and well, HOORAY 4 THAT because Chris Hemsworth was just downright delectable. And the fact that Natalie Portman was in it made it 578549784x better!
3. I saw copieS of Will Grayson, Will Grayson by John Green and David Levithan at the bookstore in the mall where we watched Thor. No, I did not buy it but
4. I bought a pen. A lovely lovely pen that makes me feel like this guy.
5. After my mum delivered the horrible news that there aren't any copies of Harry Potter 6 on stock nationwide, I died. And while I was already making plans of buying a copy from my sexy beast of a friend Drina -who needs your help in order to snag a ticket for the Maroon 5 concert, my sister notified me, yes, notified, that she already borrowed from her friend. HOORAY 4 THAT.
6. We got the book yesterday, that's why we were at the mall in the first place HOORAY 4 THAT.
7. I just watched No Strings Attached and this is making My List of Movies That Have High Ratings in IMDB and Star My Favorite Celebrities very very happy. I promise will post said list as soon as possible!
8. I also watched When Harry Met Sally... today!
9. I got to download Perfect Chemistry by Simon Elkeles online.
10. Last thing that I can think of that made me happy today is Jenna Marbles and Hugo Chakrabongse. I combined them into one number cos they'd look cute as a couple..and cos I didn't want my list to have 11 items hehe

Hugo Chakrabongse's cover of 99 Problems is definitely worth listening/watching. Seriously!

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