May 29, 2011

6 Mildly Interesting Facts About the Word 'Gab'

☺It basically means 'to jest or to mock' or 'to gape'. Here are some versions of it that I wouldn't want to be my future child's name. Well on second thought, Gabba Felton has a nice ring to it, right?

Old Norse (gabba)
Proto-Germanic (gabbanan)
Proto-Indo-European (ghabh)
North Frisian (gabben)
Middle Dutch (gabben)
Middle Low German (gabben)

☺If you say it with a phlegmy throat, you'd sound like a cross between Frankenstein and Arnold Schwarzenegger. Click here to listen to Frankenegger say gab!

☺I found out while browsing through a Spanish-English dictionary that the word labia pretty much means to have the gift of gab. I labia!

The Gift of Gab, yall

There is a 1934 black and white movie entitled Gift of Gab as well as a rapper by the same name!

☺The Blarney Stone in Ireland is a block of stone in Blarney Castle that is said to endow whoever kisses it the gift of gab. I don't think kissing it is that hard.

☺Gabby is derived from the word gab, obviously. And it means that if an individual is gabby, the person is inclined to talk too much, especially about trivias.


  1. My name means "female sheep" in Hebrew. I feel you. ;]

  2. Amuses me so. Now that you've posted this, Ima look up my name too. :)


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