May 2, 2011

Oh Wow

An old doodle of mine that I decided to color ☺
It seems I've gotten rusty in the editing department :(

Skins, models and Shakespeare were, from what I recall, what basically made up my last year of school at St. Scho. When I think about my final year, I think about how I brought my Skins dvds to a friend's birthday celebration at her house, about how I started to become an anglophile through our play production of A Midsummer Night's Dream and how I made really good friends with people whom are interested in fashion, art and the like. After my sister told me she'll start watching Misfits today, my mind instantly went to Skins and how I miss watching it.

I miss seeing Cassie all loopy and higher than the planes in the sky. I miss Tony and his superiority that is always evident. I miss Sketch and her creepy stalker-ish ways. I miss Cook, his violence and at the same time his tenderness to Effy and his little brother. I miss Freddie and his scabs from skateboarding. I miss JJ and his adorable ukulele skills. I miss Effy and her depression, her clothes, her hair and even her issues. I miss watching them do everything so recklessly. I miss their accents too even if I could hardly understand what they were saying. I miss the opening song by Fat Segal and how it goes faster every new season.

Don't get me wrong, the 3rd generation was fun to watch + their clothes were, again, flawless but I really do miss the first 2 generations.  It's a good thing Skins Movie will revolve around them :)

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