May 1, 2011

Butter Braid

Look at that sexy attempt at photography

I spent the whole day cooped up again. My mum and dad were already gone by the time my sister and I woke up around noon and after lunch, our maids left as well for the afternoon to help clean the new house.

My sister and I got hungry around 4 and since there weren't any adults around, we settled on making popcorn, also because it was the only food available in the house :( We had 2 flavors, 1 butter and 1 cheese and we decided to get half of each. The butter flavored one was tasteless and the cheese flavored one was too dang salty so.... we took the free tub of lite butter that I got from the run, melted it, and poured it on our popcorn!

I didn't have anything to do so I started looking for inspiration cos I was seriously itching to draw. After a few failed attempts at drawing in my notebook, I decided on using the spare index cards that I had scattered on the floor. I ran out of ink too while working on the top half of it and I had a mini heart attack. I called my dad to go pick up some on the way home but then he told me we had a spare. Yayayay. 

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  1. Beautiful!

    xoxo Uyen


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