May 27, 2011

A Raccoon and a Dog in a Tutu

I've always wanted a painting of a raccoon dressed up as a person from the renaissance era. When I found out how expensive it was to ask a professional to paint for you (the ones at the mall), I figured it'd be better to include my face in the painting so the 4000 pesos or more wouldn't be wasted. I dreamed of having a painting of myself dressed in those old and classic gowns from the medieval times with a pet raccoon on my shoulder. But, I've finally realized that I simply cannot and would not be capable of splurging thousands of pesos on a silly painting, that's why I'm gonna start painting raccoons and hopefully I'll be able to paint my dream portrait!

First Attempt!

I came across this funny picture of a dog in a tutu and I just had to try and paint it!

Dog in a tutu without the tutu
Dog in a tutu that looks like a huge udder/brain :(

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  1. Patrick JunioApril 26, 2012

    Nice racoon painting :D


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