May 18, 2011

Midnight Snacks

These past few days, my sister and I have been trying our luck in the kitchen by making midnight snacks. This interest came from my sister's Martha Stewart-y ways in dealing with boredom this summer. So far, she's made 3 skirts from scratch. 3 skirts! (Plus a bunch of tie-dyed tops) That's how she's been coping, while I've been buried in books and art. The fixation on making midnight snacks is not really strange, especially to our family, since it's sort of like a known fact that whenever we go eat out and have a doggy bag, that doggy bag will most likely be gone in the morning. The only explanation for its absence, the poor slice of pizza or whatever it was became somebody's midnight snack.

However, my sister and I have been putting a lot effort in our midnight snacks and that's what makes it different and cooler, and yummier. I didn't know that cooking could make me sweat! So, it's so fun that we get to whip up a meal, sweat and laugh at our awkward movements in the kitchen, eat like we whipped up something from Hell's Kitchen and wash the dishes. Jsyk, I really love washing the dishes. I just realized that I enjoy getting my hands all wet and sudsy. Before I get carried away and right an entire paragraph on the joys of dish washing, I will tell you all about our first and last Martha Stewart-y midnight snacking experience.

One night, back in our old house, we spent a night taking shots -whoever loses in a game of rock paper scissors or the staring contest has to take a shot - while munching on scrambled eggs (that we cooked!) and rice with lots of knor! It actually started out with my sister finding a bottle of The Bar near our refrigerator, well one thing led to another, and I found myself drinking from one of our medicine measuring cup thingy. When I've had 2 or 3, we looked for 'chasers' or anything to keep us from drinking too much. We couldn't find anything yummy and the house was already practically empty since we were in the process of moving, so we decided to cook the eggs we found inside the refrigerator.

I kinda suck at staring contests
We had scrambled eggs again last night, tuna with the garlic and onions the night before that (we actually burned the first batch of onions and garlic cos the fire was turned up way too high and I ended up sniffling like I just watched a tearjerking chick flick because I got the lovely lovely job of mincing the onions) and we were planning on making deep fried oreos tonight but because we used up the remaining eggs last night, we have none left. Hence, there will be no fried oreos in my tummy tonight.Yes, I'm very sad. That's why I wrote this entry.

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